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18 October 2008


through the blizzard and through rain,
through storm and snow and thunder,
though raining feelings and frozen vain,
through them all, i alone stay.

i hunt for memories, i hunt for tears,
that are not mine to give.
i hunt for diseases and for crying sins,
i look for questions that are not to keep.

the blackened skin, the darkest eyes,
the biggest rage for silence,
the smallest hope that never dies
is now dead in my mind.

the close i get to the castle,
the far i get from the warmth,
through time and shades i listen,
through darkness i feel safe.

the times we shared along the pain
the small chances of a mind insane
climb out of the storm and faith
and are now free and safe, also.

so, what's left but me and the memories?
thrying to find uor way through the lot.
that's why, i wish to become a stormhunter:
i will hunt the sky and the stars, until there's nothing left

ain't it fun

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